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Funny Cats, Dogs, And Other Animals

Welcome to the Lund-Roeser world of funny cats, dogs and a whole host of other animals in our Animal Antics collection of anthropomorphic animal imagery. From a fortune-telling cat to a water skiing dog to elephants riding motorcycles, we have the worlds largest (and growing) collection of anthropomorphic animal pictures. Our humorous cat, dog, and animal images are available as greeting cards, fine art prints, on gifts (coffee mugs, calendars, pillows etc.) and as stock images available for licensing.

Our Animal Story

Our animal story starts when I first began using Photoshop back in 1990. Specifically, using Photoshop, I created a cat with a big smile and a yellow canary feather in its mouth. I printed up a dozen prints of the image and brought them with me to the Sausalito Art Fair where they quickly sold out. That got me to thinking that the image might make a popular greeting card. I pitched the idea of a line of funny animal images to Portal Publications, a greeting card company, and they went for it. Within a few years I had over a hundred greeting cards with Portal featuring funny cats, dogs, elephants and other creatures in anthropomorphic poses and situations. My Animal Antics series became their best selling line of greeting cards.

Elephants, Tigers And Bears Oh My!

In 2008 I was joined by Stephanie D. Roeser who brought her amazing digital imaging skills, artistic vision, and attention to detail to bring our animal imagery to a whole new level. Our library of funny animal photos has expanded to include bears (including Pandas and Koala bears), meerkats, lions, tigers, mice, hamsters, pigs, rhinos and more. Over the years we have rented lions* (nothing more fun than having a lion in your studio), tigers, elephants, reindeer, snakes, and more cats and dogs than I can remember. In fact, we have created a library of cat, dog, and other animal images from which we can draw, to create our funny animal images. For example, we have enough images of elephants in our archives that we can create pretty much any elephant image that can be dreamed up, from an Elephant in Rodins Thinker pose to an elephant on the balance beam to a snowboarding elephant!

Custom Images

If you cant find the animal images you are looking for we can create them to your specifications. We can handle the project from conception and photography on through the digital imaging process. By having both the photography skills and the Photoshop expertise under one roof we can deliver a better product on time and within budget truly a value-added proposition. Our library of animal image resources, props and locations can save time and money and make possible imagery that otherwise could be too expensive, or not practical, for a wide variety of reasons from seasonality to animal availability.

Animal Antics And Much More

While our Animal Antics collection includes over 500 images (and we continue to add more), we have thousands of other stock photos as well. Want a woman wrestling an alligator in an office? We have it. Lady Godiva galloping through an English countryside Ditto. Need a lone sailor rowing a boat through an ocean storm? Sure. Want that image with a lighthouse in the background and lightning striking the water No problem! In fact, by combining our photography and Photoshop skills we can eliminate the barriers between imagination and execution and turn any idea into a photographic reality. We have lions riding mountain bikes, a cheetah racing through an office, and a woman astride a galloping rhino. We have bloodhounds with hangovers, Sumo wrestlers performing the flying trapeze, and a meditating whippet in a lotus pose. We may specialize in animal photography, but our range goes well beyond to include travel images, business concepts, and even lifestyle photography. Much of our stock photography is available through Getty images, though the majority of our Animal Antics funny animal photos are licensed directly through us. We are constantly adding new material (with rare exceptions we do all of our own photography) both in terms of additional photography and in compositing new imagery.

Client Projects

Projects we have completed for clients include an elephant on a couch for a PSYCHOLOGY TODAY cover, an elephant calendar for a German publisher, a lion riding a mountain bike for a hospital, stampeding elephants for a NEWSWEEK cove and Flying Pigs for a TIME MAGAZINE cover. We have had three gift books of funny animal images published (ANIMAL ANTICS, ANIMAL TALK, and LIFE ACCORDING TO MAUDE) and a book on Photoshop (ADOBE MASTERCLASS: PHOTOSHOP COMPOSITING WITH JOHN LUND) published by Peach Tree Press. Our funny animal greeting cards are published and distributed by Leanin Tree and Recycled Paper Greetings. Other clients include Fed Ex, Purina, Chevron, DHL, Epson, National Geographic, Visual Content Group, Conde Nast and many others.