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Fast Engine Powered Tortoise

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Speed, Competition, Innovation And A Tortoise (H2 Header)

Speed, competition and innovation are all ideas illustrated by this stock photo of a Tortoise speeding down a road, on wheels, and powered by a large engine. This tortoise (sans hare) image can be cropped to square, vertical or horizontal formats while maintaining copy space for headlines and text. The image combines an enduring fable with a modern innovative twist to create a new iconic image for business concepts around speed, creativity, and innovation. (H2 Description)

Tortoise And The Hare (H3 Header)

This new version of a "Tortoise and the hare" stock photo omits the hare and focuses on the tortoise who is equipped with a powerful engine and wheels that help him speed down a road at a clip that no hare can match! This is an image about innovation and creativity in business and life. (H3 Description)

The Way Forward (H4 Header)

This engine-powered tortoise is a visual metaphor for a host of concepts including the way forward, speed, achievement, possibility and innovation. (H4 Description)

Keywords Associated With This Image