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Big Friendship Elephant And Dog

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Elephants, Dogs And A Big Friendship

An elephant and a dog have a big friendship and sit together on a bench by the sea as they enjoy a quiet moment together. This friendship stock photo was created with a greeting card in mind but is suitable for many different concepts surrounding friendship. The image has a great deal of versatility as it is easy to crove to square, vertical or horizontal and offering ample copy space for headlines and text. 

The phrase "Best Friend Forever" or even "Best Friends Furrever" come to mind when viewing this touching photo of a dog and an elephant sitting together in a quiet moment of contemplation and friendship.

Togetherness, friendship, companionship and even love are all illustrated in this cute elephant and dog picture. It is available for licensing as a stock image and can be purchased as a fine art print for wall decor. We even offer this elephant and dog duo on gifts including coffee mugs and fine art prints.

Creating Funny Animal Pictures

Creating this funny dog picture was actually rather involved. It began with photographing the elephant. I photographed the elephant, for a fee of $450.00, at an elephant rescue operation in Thailand. The dog I photographed in my studio. The pelicans in flight were photographed off the coast of San Francisco...and I no longer remember where the sky was photographed. The bench and road were photographed in Sausalito where the San Francisco Bay was actually in the background.  Then it was a simple matter of using Photoshop to put all of the elements together.

Animal Antic's Anthropomorphic Animal Collection

This is just one of hundreds of humorous animal images in our Animal Antic's anthropomorphic animal photo collection.  We have elephants jumping ropes, elephants riding unicycles and elephants skateboarding. We even have a Trump elephant meme!  We have well over a hundred elephant images and we have the resources and skills to create virtually any elephant image that can be imagined. In addition, we are continually creating new humorous elephant and other animal images including dogs, cats, lions, meerkats and more.