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Funny Tiger And Cub

Image ID# 9873

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Funny Tiger And Tiger Cub

A tiger cub sits on his father's shoulders in a football stadium in this funny anthropomorphic animal image creating for humorous greeting cards and as a stock photo. This is just one of our many Tiger stock photos and anthropomorphic animal images. We have leaping tigers, a woman riding a tiger, a saddled tiger, a man holding a tiger by the tail and a woman holding a tiger by the tail. If you don't see the tiger image that fits your needs we can create one to your specifications.

Tiger Football

A tiger clutches a football in his paw while a tiger cub sits astride his shoulders in this funny tiger football image. This is an image about father and son relationships (or father and daughter relationships) and uses humor to enhance it's message of fatherhood and football. The image has been crafted to allow for easy cropping to variouis formats and for the provision of copyspace for headlines and text.