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Funny Anteater Photo

Image ID# 9872

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Funny Anteater Image

In this funny anteater image the odd creature sits in a classroom with his long snout, or nose, pushed in a anteater bookworm! This is one of over 500 humorous anthropomorphic animal images in our "Animal Antics" collection of photos created for greeting cards and stock photo uses. If you can't find the funny animal image that meets your needs we can create one to your specifications. We have a library of animal images that we can work from to give you the greatest value for your dollar.

Anteater In A Classroom

This anteater in a classroom picture has the unusual animal sitting at a desk in front of a blackboard, wearing spectacles, and reading a book. The anteater photo has been crafted to crop easily to square, vertical, or horizontal formats while providing plenty of copy space for headlines and text. This image can make a great graduation greeting card.