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Pug Pictures

A toilet is "pugged" in this funny pug photo of the little guy in a toilet...created as a humorous greeting card image and stock photo. The obvious play on words, substituting "pugged" for "plugged" makes for a great greeting or birthday card. There is something irresistible about pugs...I just want to give them hugs when I see them! The one Pug that I got to know well wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but the little guy made up for it in good-natured enthusiasm and an ability to spread good cheer wherever he ventured.  When it comes to dog breeds a pug tugs on your heart strings more than most dogs.

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This image is just one of our collection of hundreds of humorous pet and animal stock photos including over 500 anthropomorphic animals in our "Animal Antics" collection. If you don't see the animal image you are looking for we can create one to your exact specifications.

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This image was created by Stephanie D. Roeser.