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Funny Basset Hound Photo

Image ID# 9870

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Basset Hound Humor

This big eyed Basset Hound looks straight into your eyes in an exaggerated and humorous greeting card and stock photo image. Stephanie D. Roeser created this funny dog image that is sure to bring a smile to any viewer's face. This image as specifically created for use in a Father's Day greeting card but is also available for other commercial uses. If you don't find the Basset Hound image that fits your needs we can create a custom image to your exact specifications.


Funny Basset Hound Photos

Among our collection of funny Basset Hound photos we have a Basset Hound riding a sleigh at Christmas, a Basset Hound Butler, a Basset Hound nursing a hangover the morning after, and Ninja Warrior Basset Hound.  We have over 500 animals in our Animal Antics collection of anthropomorphic animal images available for greeting cards and stock photos.