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Funny Cat Pictures

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Cat Faces

The orange tabby in this photo is not just making a funny cat face, he is parodying a human by sticking his tongue out, stretching his mouth with his paws, and crossing his eyes!  The bright yellow background is a fun pattern of wallpaper. The image was created for use as a humorous cat greeting card or birthday card and for use in advertising and editorials as a stock photo. This cat image also makes for a great social media post with its unique anthropomorphic pose making it a prime candidate for going viral. This is just one of over 500 images in our Animal Antics series of anthropomorphic animal photos.


Cats make for great entertainment pictures. Part of that is the nature of their somewhat bizarre personalities and part of it is there inherent cuteness. In our anthropomorphic Animal Antics cat photos we take it a step further. By putting them in human like poses and situations we can further create an emotional connection between the image and viewer and we can add conceptual meanings and humor. Creating anthropomorphic cat photos also makes for more memorable pictures that can be more effective in communicating a message or idea. 

Cat Memes

When it comes to Internet Memes this cat making faces could become a viral classic. The text my read "What your cat does behind your back...". Now that would make a great cat meme!

Funny Cat Photos

If you don't find the funny cat photo you are looking for in our collection of cat pictures we are happy to create custom images to your specifications. We can shoot new cats or utilize our archives of hundreds of cat photos, props and locations. Because we do both the photography and imaging we can offer superior value for your dollars. Our animal experience ranges from lions and tigers (big cats) to elephants to hamsters and guinea pigs. 

In our Animal Antics collection you will find a wide variety of cat images.