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Cat Sticking His tongue Out

Image ID# 9813

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Cat Sticking Tongue Out Photo

In this stock photo a cat sticks his tongue out in disgust and annoyance...a very cat like attitude! The image was originally created with a birthday greeting card in mind but can be used or advertising and editorial needs as well. A clean, yellow background provides copy space for headlines and text. Perhaps we have a new "Grumpy" cat in the meme world! This funny cat certainly can fall under that "grumpy" heading.

Cats As Finicky

Finicky would be a great description of this cat sticking his tongue out. Apparently whatever he just tasted wasn't exactly up to his standards. This lolcat image can work as a greeting card, advertisement or editorial image and just might go viral as a social media post.  This unhappy feline is looking directly into the lens, making eye contact, and letting you know exactly how he feels!