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Panda Bear

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Panda Bear Beer

A Panda bear holds up a frothy, cold beer (Panda Beer?) as he relaxes with a good book in hammock. This Panda picture was created as a greeting card image and stock photo as part of our "Animal Antics" anthropomorphic funny animal images. We have over 500 such images including beer drinking meerkats and a beer drinking pig! We also have a number of funny bear images that include both Koala bears and brown bears...from bears riding motorcycles to bears pooping in the woods!

The little red book on this Panda's belly...could that be THE LITTLE RED BOOK...chairman Mao's quotes? Ah, not likely. This bear is far too hedonistic for that reading material. Probably a discourse on home brewing beer...of perhaps a book of bamboo recipes.... At any rate, this is one bear who has it made in the shade!

This panda bear with a beer is just one of a number of funny animals drinking beer images in our collection including meerkats drinking beer and a pig drinking beer.

Fun Panda Facts

Fun Panda Facts! A native of China, Giant pandas are black and white bears. They live in bamboo forests in China's central mountains. Pandas will eat pretty much anything, being omnivores, but bamboo comprises over 90% of their diet. In fact, they will eat up to 12 kilograms of bamboo over a 12 hour period. Their scientific name is Ailuropoda melanoleuca. In captivity they will live to be around 30 years old. They tend to weight between 75kg and 135kg. Panda bears do not hibernate. In winter they simple head lower down the mountains and keep eating that bamboo! It is estimated that only 1,000 Giant Pandas are left in the wild.