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Cat...with a look of astonishment and surprise on its face. This cat image is only one of hundreds of our anthropomorphic animal collection "Animal Antics". From cats and dogs to elephants and tigers, we have a vast array of humorous animal pictures. If we don't have what you are looking for in our files we can custom make animal photos to your requirements.

We have cats sunbathing, cats in bikinis, cats shoe shopping, and cats with canary feathers in their mouths. We have cats in the spa, in the beauty salon, and fishing. You get the point...a crazy cat collection like no other!

Cat Photo Collection

In our cat photo collection we have lions, tigers, Cheetahs, house cats, and cool cats. We have cats in the disco, fat cats, boss cats, and cats smoking cigars. Cats with goldfish friends, cats with dog friends, and cats with cat friends. We have angry cats, happy cats, loving cats and even cats carving pumpkins! Of course, almost all of our cat images are highly Photoshopped anthropomorphic images...cats with human characteristics and/or poses. 

Funny Cat Faces

Funny cat faces are always fun to see and make great Internet memes as well. In this funny cat face photo the kitty wears an expression of astonishment with mouth agape and eyes wide. Perfect for when you need that over the top meme...and fun for social media as well.  We have a number of funny cat faces in our collection including funny lion faces, funny Tiger faces and funny house cat faces.