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Flying Saucer Cow Abduction

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Cow Abductions And Alien Spacecraft

Cow abductions, alien spacecraft, and flying saucers are the subject of this humorous stock photo featuring a hovering flying saucer pulling up a cow in its tractor beam. This is an image about space aliens, the mysteries of outer space and the possibility of alien life forms visiting our planet. The image uses the visual stereotype that we all carry in our subconscious to grab our attentions and direct them to the accompanying message. This cow abduction flying saucer stock photo has been carefully crafted to allow for easy cropping to square, vertical or  horizontal formats while maintaining ample copy space for the needs of headlines and text.

Are We Alone?

One message carried in this flying saucer stock photo is the question of whether we are alone, or if there is intelligent life out there in the universe. I pretty much believe that such life does exist...but is probably too far away to actually pay us a physical visit. But certainly, the question is worth asking, and hopefully this alien spacecraft, cow abducting, flying saucer stock photo can help provide a visual metaphor for such thoughtful questions.