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Fastest Animal In The World

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The Fastest Animal In The World

The fastest animal in the world, a Cheetah, is speeding down a road on a skateboard powered by a rocket roped to his back. When fast isn't fast enough! This stock image of a faster than fast cheetah can be cropped easily to square, vertical or horizontal while maintaining copy space for headlines and copy. Cheetahs are the iconic symbol of speed, and by adding elements such as a skateboard and a rocket the concept of speed is communicated even more strongly. Too, adding the element of humor makes the images more entertaining and memorable. The element of motion adds a further energy to the photograph making it all the more compelling. 

This is also an image about innovation...about enhancing the existing to boost performance. As such it's concept of speed can be applied to almost any situation and business. If your business delivers fast service then this rocket powered Cheetah might be a great image for you advertising and promotional needs.

Rockets, skateboards, Cheetahs And Speed

To illustrate the concept of speed we combined a skateboard, a rocket, and a cheetah. We have taken "fast" and made it faster! This is a perfect stock photo for advertising and promoting products and services that help businesses and individuals accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. It is an over the top image about efficiency and speed.

The Cheetah, propelled by a rocket, and riding a skateboard, is leaning forward and wearing an expression of happiness as he enjoys is supercharged ride. Twice the speed with half the effort...who wouldn't smile about that?

Fast Cheetahs

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