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Funny Chihuahua Balancing Valentine Candy

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Valentine's Day Chihuahua

This Valentine's Day chihuahua is seen balancing a tradtional heart-shaped box of chocolates on his nose in a funny greeting card and stock photo image. The endearing chihuahua photo was created by Stephanie D. Roeser. The scene is that of a contemporary kitchen...slightly out of focus in the background. The image is also available as a square or horizontal crop. The bright red candy box immediately grabs a viewer's attention, and to see a dog balancing the box skillfully on his nose will compel said viewer to read any accompanying message or caption.

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Chihuahuas, Skill And Balance

Both skill and balance are concepts illustrated in this funny chihuahua photo of a well-focused chihuahua balancing a box of Valentine's chocolate on hus muzzle.