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Funny Pet Jury Photo

Image ID# 9384

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Jury of Cats And Dogs

A jury of cats and dogs show their enthusiasm for the verdict in the jury box of a courtroom in this humorous pet stock photo. This jury includes a Whippet, an English Bulldog, a Beagle, A Bloodhound, a Chihuahua, a Pomeranium, a mutt and five cats. Wow! Can you imagine getting them to agree on anything? Apparently though, they have reached a happy verdict! The Bloodhound is even giving a thumbs up! Of course, I bet one of the cats was the jury foreman!

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Funny Animal Stock Photos

This funny animal stock photo was created for use as a stock image and for funny greeting and birthday cards. There is ample copy space for the needs of art directors, photo editors, and graphic designers to add headlines and body copy. This image is part of John Lund's Animal Antics series of anthropomorphic pet and animal photos...the largest anthropomorphic animal collection available for licensing. The image can be used for the pet industry, for veterinerians, and for any business that wants to tap in to the huge market of pet owners and animal lovers.

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