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Birthday Pictures

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Birthday Pictures Of Dogs

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Birthday pictures of dogs are great for conveying birthday wishes to to people of all ages whether they are dog and pet lovers or not. Virtually everyone has a soft spot for a pet. Animal pictures can bring a specail joy to any birthday celebration. We specialize in such images...anthropomorphic images of cats, dogs, elephants, crocodiles, meerkats and more. For almost two decades we have been creating humorous animal images featuring our feline and canine friends in human poses and situations.

Birthday Terrier Picture

In this terrier birthday picture the adorable hound is wearing a birthday hat with his eyes scrunched tight and his lips pursed read to share a big smooch! The use of a wide angle perspective adds to the humor and emotional connection of the image. The picture has a sense of immediacy and even an intimate appeal. 

Creating Birthday Pictures

This birthday picture was created by maniuplating photos with Photoshop. Stephanie D. Roeser did the digital imaging while I did the photography. We have a huge library of animal pictures that we draw upon when creating our funny animal photos. Whether the images created feature elephants, cows, or giraffes, we have the raw materials, or can shoot the raw materials, to create new photographic realities.