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Elephant Couple Riding Motorcycle

Image ID# 9291

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Elephants On Motorcycles

Two elephants ride on a motorcycle together illustrating the concepts of the unexpected, skill, and adventure in a unique stock photo. The image is also a great humorous greeting card image for anniversaries, weddings and friendship. The image was created by Stephanie D. Roeser. If custom work is needed Stephanie can rework the image to fit the end use needs.

This is a great image for showing that even large companies can be fast and nimble...a visual metaphor made all that more powerful by the fact there are two of the huge pachyderms on one motorcycle!


Elephants, The Unexpected, And Compelling Images

Putting elephants on motorcycles is certainly unexpected, and it is that element of surprise that makes this image both entertaining and memorable...a great combination for any advertising or editorial image. But wait...there is more! We also have a pig riding a motorcycle, a Cheetah riding a motorcycle, and a pitbull and whippet couple riding a motorcycle as part of our large anthropomorphic Animal Antics image collection!