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Funny Poodle On Red Carpet

Image ID# 9020

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Funny Poodle Diva

A funny diva Poodle walks the red carpet with a fancy drink in hand in a humorous parody of celebrities everywhere. This is also an image about success...and puts an entirely new spin on the idea of "it's a dog's life". This is just one of a number of poodle pictures we have in our Animal Antics collection of over 500 anthropomorphic animal images. We have a Valentine's day cupid poodle, a pink poodle on the red carpet, cheerleading poodles and a birthday poodle with her entourage.

If you cannot find the poodle image you need we can create a custom poodle image to your exact specifications. This is just one of hundreds of funny  dog images in our collection.

Funny Dog Photos

Our funny dog photos include breeds from Airedales and Bloodhounds to Mutts and Pomeranians...though Poodles have a special place in my heart since for many years I had a teacup poodle. I named her Wolf and I used to take her with my to my photo studio on a daily basis. We did have to give her up to a new home when my child learned to crawl. His one goal seemed to be to reach Wolf...and who was no match for him as she only weighed about five pounds. If we kept Wolf either she or my son would end up injured. Wolf's new owner named her princess.  Oh well....

Poodles Don't Shed!

Since Poodles don't have fur...they have hair...they don't shed making them a great pet for those normally allegric to dog fur...and people like me who don't want to be cleaning up a lot of dog fur,. Poodles are also extremely intelligent. Truly a great breed of dog for a family pet. They were originally bred as water loving hunting dogs!