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Bear Riding Motorcycle

Image ID# 8887

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Funny Bear Photos

This funny bear photo goes the distance, so to speak, showing a bear riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle. He is riding through a forest on a curving highway. The image is a stock photo created for licensing for advertising, editorial and social media uses. The image can be easily cropped from horizontal to square or vertical with copy space in abundance. It begs the question...does a bear ride in the woods? The other question that comes to mind, of course, is does a bear poop in the woods? THAT question is answered by our own photographic proof!

Other funny bear pictures in our Animal Antics collection of anthropomorphic animal images include funny Koala bears and Pandas as well. We have a parody image of Smokey the Bear in a post birthday celebration and two bears fishing in a row boat.

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Bears, Skill And the Unexpected

This bear image is a visual metaphor for skill and the unexpected. The image is sure to stop any viewer in their tracks as their mind grapples with whether the image is for real or not. It's totally unexpected nature creates a question in the viewer's mind about what is going on, a question that makes the image far more compelling than any more mundane offering.


Motorcycles being ridden by animals can make a great anthropomorphic image for stock and greeting cards...and we have a number of them. We have a pig riding a Harley, a German Shepard on a motorcycle, a Cheetah riding a motorcycle, and a Pitbull and Whippet couple riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Lest I forget, we also have both a single elephant and an elephant couple riding motorcycles!

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