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Funny Chihuahua Super Hero

Image ID# 8717

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Funny Chihuahua Pictures

A funny Chihuahua stands in an alley unzipping his "fur coat" revealing a super hero costume underneath in this image created for advertising and editorial uses. The primary purpose for this image, though, is as a humorous greeting card photo. The image provides ample room for cropping for multiple formats and has a jaunty angle that lends even more drama to an image with dramatic perspectives and back lighting. The Chihuahua is standing in an alley. In the background is a trash can laying on its side and a small white mouse has paused to watch the goings on from in front of his mouse hole.

Funny Dog Greeting Cards

This image for a funny dog greeting card was created by Stephanie D. Roeser and is part of John Lund's Animal Antics collection of humorous greeting card images. Chihuahuas are among the cutest of canines, but I have learned to approach them cautiously as they can be very territorial and quite fierce! Chihuahuas are, however, worth the effort in that they appeal to almost everyone making for very popular greeting cards!

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Funny Dog Pictures