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Lion, Wolf, Cat Food Chain Photo

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Food Chain: Lion, Wolf And Cat

In this funny food chain stock photo a lion looks angrily down on a wolf who is looking hungrily at a cat who, in turn, has an expression of concern. Food chain, pecking order, or the natural order of things, this image can add a humorous visual to a wide range of concepts.  The wolf, cat and lion stand and sit in tall grass with a lightly clouded sky in the background. The image can has ample copy space for the inclusion of headlines and text. 

Food Chain Predators

In this case all three animals in the food chain happen to be predators, from the family cat to the dog's ancestor to a big cat. Of course, you would never find these three animals together in an actual food chain...but it certain makes the point.  

Pecking Order

Another point made with humor in this image is that of a pecking order. The image can apply to corporate business, social situations, and other instances where a funny visual well help point out a chain of command or hiearchy. The humor in the image not only drives home the point but also makes it more memorable.